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Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation

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Bleu Blanc Bouge Program

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In 2008, the Foundation launched the BLEU BLANC BOUGE program – an initiative aimed at offering a unique and permanent recreational place to meet the needs of less privileged communities. This program supports efforts by local organizations and fits with the Foundation’s goal to work together with community groups to assist youth and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. At the top of the list are elementary and secondary schools, which offer a host of supervised activities. Montreal borough committees also work closely with the Foundation in offering their facilities to local citizens.

The BLEU BLANC BOUGE program consists of building outdoor multi-purpose refrigerated ice rinks for generations to come. These rinks make it possible for a large number of children to enjoy a state-of-the-art facility while engaging in healthy physical activities. Built according to NHL standards, the infrastructure provides the necessary versatility for other sports to be played according to the time of year. Predominantly used for ice hockey from November to mid-March, the rinks become an ideal playground for disciplines such as basketball, soccer, ball hockey and other types of games during the spring, summer and fall months.

The success of the BLEU BLANC BOUGE program comes from the dedication and drive of community organizers at various levels – business people, local community groups, schools, volunteers, companies and the City of Montreal’s borough divisions involved in the program. The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is proud to team up with all of these players to offer a truly unique program that contributes to the quality of life and health of thousands of children.

BLEU BLANC BOUGE’s fifth rink was inaugurated in February 2012 at Confedration Park in the Montreal borough of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. The event featured numerous dignitaries, members of the Canadiens organization and many children from the neighbourhood.