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Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation

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Canadiens taking their skills to the kitchen!

What recipe was Carey Price helping his grandmother prepare as a child? What dish does David Desharnais’ mother serve him when he comes by for dinner? And what is it hearty pre-game meal that Mathieu Darche’s wife has served him over 200 times in his NHL career?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in Cooking with the Canadiens.

How the dream became reality

This magazine has been a long time coming. The idea came up over a year ago thanks to the creative mind of Amy Moen and the involvement of the Foundation, our players and their wives, of course, the team at Ricardo Media who had spent countless hours cautiously testing and carefully normalizing all recipes submitted by the players to make for exceptional photos before laying it all out.

A recipe for every event

Cooking with the Canadiens is divided into several specific sections to represent the players’ lifestyle and their connection with food. What do the Canadiens players eat: at home, before a game, during the off-season, when hosting friends for dinner? Readers will also enjoy finding out what the players used to eat when they were growing up (with photos supporting the facts) while sports fans will take pleasure in special full section dedicated to delicious finger food created by Ricardo himself.

Food for thought and culinary recollections

When it comes to food what is Brian Gionta’s weakness? What’s P.K. Subban’s favourite dish? Who would Josh Gorges like to have dinner with? Readers will get a treat out of the personal anecdotes and stories throughout each issue.

A day in the life of a player

What’s a player’s game day schedule like? What type of food do they eat and why? You’ll learn everything about the nutrition of a professional hockey player and how the Canadiens prepare their body for a game. The team’s head trainer will provide a few tips on nutrition and the team’s caterer will share his secrets so you can eat what your favourite players eat.

Proceeds to the Foundation

All proceeds from the sale of the magazine will go to the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation which is determined to provide a better and healthier future for children in need, and is committed to encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth.

Published by Ricardo Media, Cooking with the Canadiens magazine is available for $9.99 in newsstands starting on January 20.

To order : 1-800-363-8162

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